Established in 1997,

Muratech Engineering Company is Leading manufacturing company of Mechanical Power Transmission Products under brand name of ‘MURACO POWER’. 

We are pleased to introduce  ourselves as one of the leading Engineering Company engaged in Manufacturing and Marketing of  Mechanical Power Transmission Products i.e. Timing Belt Pulleys, Poly ” V ” Pulleys, Precision “V ” Pulleys (Fenner Type), Precision Gears & Gear Boxes, Couplings & Sprockets  and catering to various leading O.E.M. in India as well as export markets.

Timing Belt Pulley: As per ISO, DIN and BSW standards in  different pitch configurations like MXL (0.080″), XL (0.200″), L (0.375″), H (0.500″), XH (0.875″), XXH (1.1/4″), T – 2.5, T – 5, T – 10, T -20, AT – 5, AT – 10, AT – 20, 3M HTD, 5M HTD, 14M HTD, 20M HTD, S-3M, S-5M, S-8M, S-14M mm pitches etc.

Poly ” V ” Belt Pulley: As per ISO-9982 & DIN-7867 standard in different pitch configurations like PH-1.60 MM, PJ-2.34 MM, PK-3.56 MM, PL-4.70 MM, PM-9.40 MM (Max. 20 Grooves.)

Precision ” V ” Pulley (Fanner Type ) / Flat Pulley: As per ISO/DIN/BSW standards in A,B,C,D,E Section with 1 to 20 Grooves up to 80″ (2000 MM) dia. With TLB / Without TLB.

Precision Gears:  Spur, Bevel, Helical, Spiral bevel Gears As per ISO/DIN/BSW standards in 0.25 Module to 20 Module up to 120″ (3000 MM) with 18″ (450 MM) Face width. We have also Teeth Grinding Facility up to 6.5 Module.

Worm Reduction Gearbox:  We are manufacturing Worm Reduction Gearboxes with thread grounded worm shaft & export quality.

Sprocket: We  are manufacturing Simplex, Duplex, Triplex sprockets with 0.25” to 8” Pitch, up to 1500 mm Diameter. Solid Hub, Welded Hub, Taper lock, QD Bush, SS Sprocket etc.

Coupling:  Gear coupling, Star coupling, Muff coupling, Rigid coupling, Chain coupling, Pin bush coupling.



Commit resources and expertise to the service of developing and manufacturing the best products.Solve challanges to realize new opportunities.Committed to relentless innovation and product developement.


Become a leading player in the industry.Acquire global competence through innovation and product developement.


The management organization ensures that all employes shall be trained so as to understand and discharge individual responsibilities to a degree necessary for effective operation of all services to our customers.